"I experienced some wonderful healing with her sessions, both mentally and physically." -Testimonial for Tonya ThomasConfidence to Face My Fears

“I met Tonya when I started in a woman’s group called “Facing your fears”. I was in a very bad place in my life and feeling utterly sad and lost! Tonya was our group leader and she was instantly comforting. She has a very calm and warm heart and was so wonderful in pulling me out of my shell. We met every two weeks for over a year and my life has done a complete 180 degrees. Tonya has many talents! She did Reiki on us and we also did some meditations and vision boards. She taught me to trust in myself. As a result I am much more confident in knowing what I want. I learned so much from her and became very close to her and the women in our group. I was very reluctant to even do the group, but with Tonya’s leadership my entire life has changed for the better! Thank you Tonya!!!”

-Paige Zak

Mental and Physical Healing

“Knowing Tonya on a personal and a professional level is truly a blessing. I have known Tonya approximately ten years and have watched her grow spiritually over the course of those years. I experienced some wonderful healing with her sessions, both mentally and physically.  The positive experience speaks volumes for her abilities. Just by taking the time to recount the experience is truly humbling!

She is tremendously gifted. I would invite anyone who needs healing to experience the gift of Tonya’s healing touch. She is truly a Reiki Master!!! I had a broken neck and a broken heart, she fixed both.”

~Jacquelyn Kranz (Arizona)

Energetic Reboot

“I had no idea what I was going to encounter during my Reiki session. Tonya balanced out my energy with a big energetic reboot.  What an amazing gift!”

~Sheree Reyes (California)

A Very Relaxing Session

“My experience with Tonya was very relaxing.  It was nice to experience something I had never done before.  Tonya made me feel comfortable and there were no wrong answers.  I can tell she put her heart and soul into her Reiki session with me and I will never forget; Infinite, Love & Gratitude…. I love myself, I love myself, I love myself!!!” ~Karen Blackmore (California)

Energy Shifts & Peaceful Sleep

“If you’ve never had a Reiki session, I highly recommend it…

The first time I did Reiki with my good friend Tonya, I had a cold and running nose, so it was hard to focus. I couldn’t even relax enough to fall asleep! I walked away from the experience disappointed and not so interested in Reiki again. Then, almost a year later a friend of mine, Sheree, decided to do a Reiki session with Tonya and I tagged along; I decided to give it another try. (For years I struggled with sleep. I slept very little, operating on three to four hours of sleep most days.) When we got to Tonya’s, I decided to be the first person on the table. As soon as I lay down and Tonya’s hands moved over my body I felt a heat come over me, especially around my neck area. It was strong, hot, and powerful. I was knocked out! After that session, I fell asleep every night before 10 p.m. — something I had not done in years. It was not until later that I figured out that it was the Reiki that helped me sleep.

Four months later I asked Tonya to do another Reiki session on me. (This time long distance, as I was in San Diego Quote - Lotus Murkiest Water Purest - Nita Ambaniand she in Huntington Beach.) I was going through a particularly trying incident. That night, I thought that for sure I would be mulling over the incident over and over in my mind. However again, I was knocked out as soon as my head hit the pillow and I slept through the night. A peace fell over me even though the incident greatly troubled me. I was able to stay calm and get the rest I needed to deal with it the next day.

Through Tonya’s Reiki sessions I was able to experience a powerful energy movement that coursed through her and then through my blood. It is something that I have never felt before, but i do believe that energy is alive and well and flowing through each of us and our being and who we draw to us. Energy can be healing or it can draw sick people into our lives if our energy is stagnant. Tonya chooses to use her energy to heal, to help others. She chooses to let hers flow with a wholeness that leaves the soul, the spirit, and the heart feeling light. I love that.

Thank you Tonya for all the beautiful work that you’ve done in my life, in people’s lives, you’re awesome. Hugz, me.”  ~Lucy Her (California)