Heal from Heartbreak

How are tragedy & heartbreak holding you back in your relationships? Focus on healing & improve your chances of relationship success!

Connect More Deeply

Is low self-worth making you feel lonely, even in your relationship? Learn how to find fulfillment within yourself...and with your partner.

Self-Love is the Key

Is reliance on external validation making you miserable? Build confidence & create your own happiness with healthy habits & good self-care.

Awaken to Your Full Potential

If you're ready to focus on self-love and find healing within your relationships, you've come to the right place! Through a combination of life coaching and reiki treatments, I can help you awaken to your full potential.

It's Time to Blossom!

If you've been defining your life and all of your relationships through the lens of trauma, you're not alone. It's so common...but there is another way! Trauma does not have to control or limit your life! It is possible to heal on all levels and achieve your dreams.

My name is Tonya Dokman and I'm a relationship coach who helps my clients shift their thinking and habits for lasting success. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I know that true healing is possible, because I've experienced it, firsthand. Let me teach you how to reach beyond your perceived limitations, turn your trauma into fertile soil, grow into your sense of self-worth, and blossom through self-love!
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