Whispers of the Heart by Lisa Hardwick

I was honored to contribute my story to the collaborative book, Whispers of the Heart, by Lisa Hardwick, in which “today’s most inspirational teachers, healers and spiritual leaders share their stories of following the voice of their wise inner being and the impact it made in their lives.”

The chapter I wrote is called “Facing the Unknown to Finding the Love Within”, formerly under the surname of ‘Thomas’.


“I bought this book recently and was excited to read it because there were so many wonderful authors and teachers collaborating on a topic that is on the minds of many today…whispers of the heart. The “Pathway to Miracles” chapter by Angela Holton, really spoke to me. Through her transition of loss and pain, her purpose was birthed…her life was reborn…her way was made clear and that is powerful. She gives practical tools for us all to gain miracles in our own lives and to actually be still and listen to the whispers of our own hearts. Thank you for such wonderful and motivating words. All the best to you and Love Sanctuary.”
-N. Garner, Review

“Some of the most powerful lessons I have received in my life, have made their way to me through “life-experience” stories. Just like the last book, Awaken, the authors of Whispers of the Heart allowed me many insights as they shared some of their sacred stories. The tools and concepts splashed on many pages in the book, inspired me. Hats off to the courageous women who took time to share their motivating ideas. This book is another avenue of encouragement that will help make the world a better place!”

-Pam Rettig, Review

“This is a Beautiful Book. There is so much insight and wisdom in this book in so many different categories. You have 30 authors 300 pages, this book will offer answers to pretty much anything you could want or need. Its uplifting, positive, has life experiences and wonderful stories and teachings. I would absolutely recommend this Book.”

-Lilas June Hardin, Review



The Empowerment Manual, by Sandra Filer

The Empowerment Manual by Sandra Filer, Lisa HardwickI also wrote a chapter for The Empowerment Manual, called “The Power of Meditation and Visualization!“, formerly under the surname of ‘Thomas’.

“The magnitude of wisdom, education and experiences between the covers of this book is sure to teach, guide, advise and support the reader with practical and valuable information to thrive even though life is ever changing. A book for everyone who is searching for and committed to living and loving more fully. I wish this book were available when I started my personal development journey over 25 years ago.” 

-Denise Palmisano, CHPC, CICP