Groups and Classes

Experiential Groups (Local)

Quote - Healing Takes Courage - Tori AmosI offer experiential groups (in person) with about 5-6 women. These groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the group’s choice. The benefits of joining a group are to increase emotional awareness and relational understanding between oneself and others. The work of putting emotional experiences into words gives the participants mental and emotional tools for discovering their blind spots, moving beyond perceived limitations, and living in a way that is driven by conscious choice, rather than subconscious programming. By engaging with one another on different emotional levels, participants gain a greater understanding of the various ways they relate to their inner world and how this affects their relationships with others.

Future Considerations

I want to make these group experiences available to clients around the world, via online groups. I also want to extend to couples and, in the future, to men. I’d like to offer group training and attunements for Reiki. And, finally, I would love to offer healing retreats at some point in the near future.