Thank you for taking time to visit Lotus Soul Awakening.  My name is Tonya Dokman and I am a Reiki master and relationships coach. I am the mother of two grown children and have five grandchildren who are the light of my life. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I have chosen good and not-so-good relationships. I have been married and divorced two times and I still believe in love. I have been blessed to experience an immense amount of healing in my own life. That is what drives me to help other women heal, reclaim their power, and create the kind of life that will truly nourish their souls!

Education and Experience

I received my Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management in 1996 and Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2001 from Friends University in Wichita Kansas. I completed my Doctorate of Psychology, with emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy, in September of 2016. I have 27 years of experience in the corporate world. I have been life coaching since 2004 and practicing Reiki since 2006. I’ve also been fortunate to contribute chapters to two books, Whispers of the Heart  and The Empowerment Manual.

About Lotus Soul Awakening

I believe that trauma does not have to control our lives. Too many people define their life and all relationships around the experience of trauma, therefore giving up their power to live life in a way that is truly fulfilling. An experience does not have to define us, because we are so much more than that!

It was not your fault to be abused, but you can STOP the cycle and do your own healing work. Take back your power and live the life you truly desire.

My Ideal Clients

If you are a woman who is ready to:

  • Do the deep soul work towards finding self-love
  • Take inventory on your patterns, habits and relationships
  • Be open, vulnerable and coachable with the right support
  • Experience personal growth and healing in all areas
  • Discover true intimacy with your romantic partner(s)
  • Live your life in a way that is truly fulfilling

….I’d love to consider working with you!

My Focus with Life CoachingTonya near Ocean #4 with Purple Filter

I hope to be the catalyst who inspires you and leads you to your own healing. Together, we will come up with a plan-of-action that works with your lifestyle, experience, interests, and goals for personal growth.

Some of my clients have told me that I challenged them to look deep within and see their situation from a different view. I’ve been told that I always find the positive, even in a negative situation. I’ve also heard that I am patient, loving and kind, even when what I share hurts. I love hearing the “oh, now I get it”, and then watching them grow and succeed in their life, in the way that they deliberately choose to.

What Does “Soul Awakening” Mean?

“Soul awakening” is becoming aware at the deepest level. It’s going deeper than the surface, below the multitude of layers that protect us from the external elements, people, or experiences and pains. It’s that place where we come to recognized what we knew all along, and no longer question. It’s at the soul level where we find true healing. There are three very important elements of healing from my perspective: becoming aware or acknowledging, accepting, and then taking action.

I believe it’s impMarianne Williamson Quote - "We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?"ortant because merely staying on the surface is like a band-aid. It just covers the wound until it scabs over, however the root remains until one goes deep. As we continue through life without digging into the roots, the roots continue to grow and branch out, eventually consuming the entire body. This can attribute to physical and psychological illness.

It’s hard to state a solid word to explain how soul awakening feels. For me, it’s a pure feeling of calm, peace, joy, and happiness for no reason. It’s being able to deal with stress or relationships that would trigger emotional responses in the past, without ANY feelings or attachment to the outcome. It’s not an “I don’t care” type of feeling. It’s more about just letting go, and loving yourself while allowing others to choose their own path.

Coaching vs. Talk Therapy?

Coaching and therapy are different relationships with people. Coaching can be more direct, I can be available through different modes of media and have flexibility as to how and where I meet with clients. The relationship can even grow into supporting business, whereas in therapy no other relationship can be established. I am currently shifting my practice more towards coaching because of the freedom and flexibility that it allows. There are so many possibilities for growth by addressing one’s daily habits, thought patterns, and self-care practices!

Reiki and Healing from Female Trauma

Reiki treatments can help you relax, open up to deep healing, and connect to your inner power…your soul. From that place, that higher perspective, you have the opportunity to release fears, limitations, wounds, and programming, if you’re ready to do so. From my own experience, Reiki helped me find inner peace when I was having extreme anxiety, fear, and doubt as a result of my own female trauma.

Reiki is great on its own, but it works best when combined with life coaching sessions, because often things will surface that are best addressed with proper guidance and understanding from a compassionate and experienced coach.

Groups and Classes

I offer experiential groups (in person) with about 5-6 women. These groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the group’s choice. I’d like to expand into hosting online groups. At some point, I want to extend to couples and, in the future, to men. I’d also like to offer group training and attunements for Reiki. Learn more about my groups and classes.